Reflexology for Pregnancy

Reflexology works on the idea that each organ and system in your body is represented on the soles of the feet and the palms of the hands, we work on the feet as they are bigger.

During pregnancy your body is going through constant changes as your baby grows, Reflexology helps to ease those common pregnancy conditions by working on the reflex points in the feet. Reflexology works more deeply than a massage and treats the whole body, it is really relaxing and a great source of self-care.


Deeper, more restorative sleep

We all know that as pregnancy progresses sleep becomes more elusive. Reflexology relaxes the body, mind and hormones allowing you to fall asleep more easily, and to sleep more deeply.

Ease pregnancy anxieties and worries

Reflexology is an hour just for you, this self care is beneficial to you and your baby as a relaxed mum means a happy baby. It is also a safe space in which you can discuss any worries or concerns relating to your pregnancy.


Decreases swelling

During pregnancy you retain more fluid in your body, this can lead to swelling all over the body, but most commonly the ankles & feet. Reflexology works on the lymphatic system so it is able to help drain the of fluid leaving you feeling more comfortable.

To ease back & pelvic pain

As your baby grows more pressure is put on your spine and pelvis, this can cause discomfort as your posture changes to accommodate the bump. Regular reflexology can help to manage this pain during pregnancy, helping you to feel your best during this special time.


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Reflexology for Pregnancy FAQs


Is it safe all of the way through pregnancy?

Reflexology is safe from conception all the way through the birth and beyond. It is one of the few treatments that is safe during the first trimester. It can also be labour focused as you approach your due date

How will I feel after the treatment?

Everyone responds differently to treatments, most of my clients leave feelings relaxed and sleepy. I would recommend having Reflexology near a time when you can either have a nap or go to bed. After sleep clients often feel symptoms have eased and they feel more positive.

Does it hurt?

Reflexology is not a painful treatment, during pregnancy it is gentler than traditional Reflexology as we are soothing and relaxing the mum to be and baby.

Will it help me during my pregnancy?

Each and every pregnancy is different, we cannot guarantee that it will help everybody but studies show a positive correlation between regular Reflexology and decreased pregnancy symptoms.

I’ve been visiting Becky at Natural Balance Therapies for a few months for pregnancy reflexology. She’s lovely, very reassuring and clearly knows her stuff. I’d fully recommend Becky and Natural Balance Therapies.
— Katrina Kelly, client

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